Infant Massage


Infant Massage is a four week class offered for parents and infants to learn how to massage your baby utilizing recognized methods of infant massage strokes.  Infant massage is a long standing method to promote bonding and initiate communication between the baby and mother/father.  More recently, research has reinforced the benefits of quicker weight gain, longer sleep time, improved immune systems, and decreased anxiety (for both baby and parents).  Infant Massage Class is typically held in a group format but individual classes can be arranged.   Taught by Susan S. Ducote, PT, CEIM, a certified educator of infant massage as well as a licensed pediatric physical therapist, this dynamic four week program is loosely structured with time for sharing information about benefits and history of infant massage, dialoging with other parents, and instruction in actual massage strokes with your baby.

Who Can Benefit:   All Infants age 4 weeks-12 months and their parents

Special needs children and parents/caregivers

Infants with sleep difficulties, colic

Premature infants and toddlers

Adopted children and parents

How long is the program?    4 Sessions, 1 time a week frequency

Sessions are typically 1-1½ hour each

Held Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings every other month

Cost:  $85.00 for entire program