Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)

The NDT approach was developed by Dr. and Mrs. Karel Bobath in the 1940’s.  From the start, they acknowledged it as a “living concept”, meaning that the concept would change as understanding of the central nervous system (CNS), CNS Disorders and needs of individuals evolved.  The following statement developed by the NDT Association, serves as a basic summary of philosophy:

The NDT approach is a “living concept”.  It is a problem-solving approach

            that involves the management of movement dysfunction and the treatment of

            individuals with CNS pathophysiology.  The person is addressed as a “whole”, and

            the intervention process is individualized.  The NDT approach is an interactive process

            among the involved individual, the caregivers and the interdisciplinary team.

The overall goal of management and treatment is to enhance the individual’s capacity to function.  To reach this goal, the therapist addresses the quality of movement by utilizing the principles of movement and symmetry.  Intervention involves direct handling including facilitation and inhibition of motor activity.  The treatment process includes the gradual withdrawal of the therapist’s direct input, leading to increased independence and an enhanced quality of life.

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