Splinting and Casting

Splinting and Casting program

Our Physical Therapy staff is able to measure for off-the-shelf orthotics and cast for custom orthotics which are fabricated by Cascade to help correct poor foot alignment to aid in standing and walking.  We can help you obtain a shoe insert type of orthotic a UCBL, SMO or AFO for your child depending on his or her needs.  Some orthotics such as shoe inserts and UCBLs are not paid by insurance and must be paid for when they are issued.  Other orthotics such as SMOs and AFOs require a doctor prescription and when  the insurance company allows, can be billed to your insurance where you would be responsible for any deductable or co-pay.  For more information about the products offered by Cascade see the link below.

For more information click here – http://www.cascadedafo.com/