At NeuroTherapy Specialists your child can find therapy that is fun during the summer! We offer a variety of summer programs to develop your child’s skills set. Below we have listed our program offerings, click for dates and further information.


Super Summer Socials

Two Summer sessions aimed at enhancing your child’s social skills in a group environment.

Summer Feeding Intensive

Two Summer sessions with the goals of creating a positive mealtime experience.

Kindergarten Readiness

One Summer session that works with a variety of skills to improve your child’s performance the education environment.

Gym In The Jungle

An eight week Summer session of developmental gymnastics working with your child to improve his or her’s mobile agility and communication.

Ready Set Go!

Ready Set Go, Junior!

These two Summer camps prepare your child to learn with a variety of brain-body activities. Available for patients and those who do not receive therapy services, as well. Also offered specifically for children entering 1st and 2nd grade through Ready Set Go, Junior!.


Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

3 week arm rehabilitation intensive. In a fun, nourishing environment your child will learn to use his or her’s affected arm again.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Therapy that works with your child’s muscles and movement in a fun way.

Yoga Go Lightly


Interested in more than one of these camps? No problem! Fill out this registration form and include all that you would like to register your child for.  

Camp Registration